My Go To Gal is a women’s group and a powerful community that brings us together to empower and encourage one another and to make new girlfriends and connections in our private gals-only Facebook group and at our gorgeous events! Let's be honest, making friends as we grow older can be hard and so we love giving you the opportunity and a space to form friendships and expand your social circle in a genuine and fun way.  


My Go To Gal is for every woman ‑ it's for women from all walks of life who have a common interest in coming together to show the world that we are stronger together and when we support one another. It's for the women who are truly passionate about women empowerment. It’s for the women who want to step outside of their comfort zone to meet new and likeminded ladies, make new memories and create special connections. It’s for the women who feel alone but deep down know there are women just like her who want to find their new BFF and someone to have brunch or hit the town with. It’s for the women unsure of what they’re passionate about and are in search of inspiration and someone to lift them up. It’s for the women who may have their own business and want to surround themselves with those who will understand and motivate them. It’s for those who are new to Melbourne and have found it difficult to make new friends. It’s for those who call Melbourne home and want to broaden their social circle. My Go To Gal is for every woman.


My Go To Gal was founded in March of 2017. In April of that year, we hosted our Official First Ever Cocktail Party at Crown's Club 23 and thereafter open-invite brunches in some of Melbourne's most loved cafes. We celebrated with a launch party in September that brought together over 150 women and our Boss Babe Panel inspired our gals with a conversation between Gretta Van Riel (Founder of Skinny Me Tea), Louise Elia (Founder of Eliya The Label), Danielle Weber (Founder of Danielle's Artwork) and Effie Kats (Former founder of Zachary The Label and now, her own self-titled fashion label.) Since then, My Go To Gal has hosted over 10 events in Melbourne for over 500 women and in 2020 will celebrate 3 years of having the pleasure of bringing beautiful women together.


We are based in Melbourne, Australia but have received many, many requests to take our events interstate and to NZ (One day, promise!)


My Go To Gal was born out of what I saw as a need to bring women together to engage in meaningful and real conversations, to give women a safe space to ask one another for advice, to create genuine connections and to form lasting and lifelong friendships. I don't ever want anyone to feel alone, especially when we go through so many of the same emotions and experiences as women. 

We need to be there for each other across all aspects of life and through all the ups and downs. I wanted to create a space for women to remind them that someone cares, and understands them, and to make them realise that as hard as life gets, a friendship change everything.

what makes us different?

There are a lot of networking groups and events that are, oftentimes, for established businesswomen and entrepreneurs which I believe is so important and needed. However, I want women to still feel a part of our community and events even if they don’t have a business of their own or are unsure of their next steps. Business networking can sometimes strip interactions of being authentic and well-intended, and My Go To Gal hopes to give women a space to exchange stories rather than business cards. We understand that sometimes all you need is someone to talk to, and connect with, leading you to realise that so many other women are going through the same thing as yourself. We endeavour to give women a space to meet those who are just as willing as they are to put themselves out there to meet new people and make new gal pals.