mgtg founder

Alyssa Ho is a 26 year old from Melbourne, Australia who has always had a desire and dream to bring women together. She graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2014 with her Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Media and Communications, and shortly after interned at Red Agency (an award-winning public relations and social media agency) which sparked her interest in events.

She always had a love for writing inspirational and heartfelt pieces on love and relationships. Writing on heartbreak, giving advice on breakups and emphasising the importance of realising your self-worth meant that over the 5 years that she dedicated herself to Alyssa Ho Writings, her readers were mainly young women.

She always knew she wanted to bring them closer together and to create a strong sense of community, she just wasn’t sure of how. Over the years, a lot of women would write in and ask her for guidance on life and love and they would then apologise for opening up to her, a complete stranger, as they didn’t have any girlfriends of their own or those they did have didn’t want to hear about what they’re going through.

This broke Alyssa's heart, finally pushing her to create what was only intended to be a private Facebook group where women were joining to ask for, and give each other, advice on the struggles we all go through and posting positive affirmations to encourage and empower one another. 

After seeing such strong online friendships forming in a short amount of time she decided to host their first ever event and from there she realised that beyond creating an online support network, she needed to start hosting events to allow women to connect in person.

She would like to, from the bottom of her heart, thank everyone who has joined her on the journey so far and for those who, from the very beginning, have believed in her and her vision.