My experience in MGTG has been nothing but fun. The girls are so supportive, I've received advice from others and I really took myself out of my comfort zone and that in itself has really changed my social life. I have gained amazing friends from the group just by going to the events that are amazingly organised. It's a joy to meet women who have similar interests to me and I just love how everybody is so kind, welcoming and non judgmental. Joining this group has been the best thing I have done in so long. I would just like to say a big thank you to Alyssa for taking her time to organise these events because it means so much to people like me who want to take a leap of faith and get advice and support from ladies who are lovely people and young entrepreneurs who have given me a different outlook on things.


I heard about MGTG via another women's group I was a part of and I stumbled across the Instagram account for it and loved it! It was totally everything I love; I'm all about women supporting women and I also love the spin on this group towards friendship rather than only business. My favourite thing about the group is that in encourages women to empower one another. From my interactions with the group so far, in the private Facebook group, everyone seems so genuine, positive and supportive. For those questioning whether to join the group or come to an event, don't be! I think the vibe from the group is quite obvious, and if it's because you're shy to talk to people don't worry as I'm the same! Like anything in life, if you're not sure then it's worth a try and you have nothing to lose. 


I first noticed the founder of MGTG in 2016. At the time I was lost, confused, heartbroken and destroyed by the abusive and toxic relationship I was in. I was so fragile, I cried most of the days on my own. One day Alyssa's quotes on Facebook started catching my eye. I then found her page full of quotes on her Instagram, I would read them over and over again to be motivated for a change. I approached Alyssa at the end of 2016 and told her my story. She patiently gave me advice and listened to me vent out all my issues. She didn't judge me, she showed me there's always better things out there and there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I finally walked out of my relationship. I was so beat up and insecure about myself for a whole year. When she started MGTG, it gave me a chance to dress up and look good and meet new girls that empowered me. It made me want more in life rather than feeling sorry for myself. Thank you Alyssa. Thank you for creating MGTG.


I saw the advertisement of MGTG on Instagram and thought to myself it would be a pleasure to meet other like minded women. To gain some sort of network, I attended to first event myself where I met beautiful women and since have been in touch. In the time I’ve joined MGTG I’ve met many individuals and admire the person they are, and together we are able to support and learn off each other. 


I joined MGTG hoping to make new friends and reach out to a new group of girls that I could learn from and be inspired by. I was immediately hit with an overwhelming feeling of love and warmth and acceptance and while I was originally apprehensive about attending events alone, I quickly realised most of us girls were in the same boat which made the experience even more special and even more unique. I have met so many incredible girls attending these events and friendships I know will last a lifetime. The most powerful part of My Go To Gal is the Facebook group. I went through a really difficult patch in my life last year and couldn’t directly relate to my girlfriends. I posted a cry for help in the MGTG Facebook page and received an incredible influx of love and support which still carries out to this day. I’m so excited for what MGTG holds for the year ahead and I cannot wait to be involved!


I joined MGTG as a way to network with other like minded women who inspire and motivate each other, and to build more confidence. The Facebook group is a great way to keep in touch with other women and share positive vibes. Last year I attended the 2nd brunch and Official Launch Party. Both events were fabulous and I had a blast catching up with the girls. Everyone is so warm and welcoming - it's like we've been friends for years. Looking forward to the cocktail party next month!


I love being connected other like minded women. The MY GO TO GAL Facebook group is uplifting and individuals are valued. There is nothing more reassuring than to know that you are with like minded people.


I joined MGTG because I loved the idea of women coming together to support and empower one another. The vibe at the launch was incredible and it was amazing to see a bunch of females being so genuine and supportive towards one another. There was no competitiveness or negativity amongst the crowd - everyone was so kind and welcoming. MGTG really does attract the type of warm, positive girls that you want to surround yourself with.


It really meant a lot being at such an amazing event!! Thank you so much for the work you do!! You are so genuine and incredible to talk to!! I loved every minute!! Will definitely be at the next one! Seriously amazing, beautiful set up and such fun ideas for goody bags and prizes!!! Also... a donut wall!!! Meeting you was so so amazing, thank you so much again!!!! Lots of love.


Thank you for such a beautiful evening, every little detail was perfect. The venue, the food, the yummy cocktails, the gorgeous people, your heartfelt speeches. Like us all, I've had a few yucky things in my life, and while I like to consider myself a social person, I've been very much on the down the last few years. Walking into that room, which would normally be so intimidating, surrounded by the most stunning women, and yet because of the culture you have created I felt instantly at ease.